Brighter Smiles Dental and Dr. Sylvia Irwin are committed to making access to dental care a convenient process for all of our patients. Below are answers to many common questions our patients may have regarding our practice and treatment options.

We recognize that emergencies do occur and we make every effort to get you in as soon as possible. If there is an after hours emergency, Dr. Irwin can always be reached. Simply call the office and you will be instructed on how to reach the doctor.
Financing is available through Care Credit. We also accept all major credit cards.
We participate in most insurance dental plans that do not require the patient to select a primary provider. We also participate in the Aetna DMO and HMO plans, where we are a roster only office. We will file your insurance claims for you electronically and if we are a participating provider, you will only be responsible for you co-payments. For a complete list of accepted insurances please click here.
You are correct in wanting to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible. Once your teeth start to shift, it will be much more difficult (and costly) to replace them. One alternative would be a partial denture. This will maintain the position of your teeth, and as you are able to, you can have the implants placed and then eliminate the need for the partial denture. We now have partial dentures that have non-metal clasps and are virtually undetectable when you smile.
Grinding your teeth, which is technically called ‘bruxism,’ causes quite a bit of damage in addition to keeping a spouse awake. Bruxism may lead to loose teeth, fractured teeth, premature wear, and short teeth, as well as headaches. Bruxism is a leading cause of TMJ Dysfunction – problems with the jaw joint. A dentist can fabricate a custom biteguard to protect your teeth from the adverse effects of grinding.
Topical fluoride is of benefit to cavity prone adults as well, especially for those who have had radiation to the head or neck, suffer from dry mouth, or have gum recession. Fluoride is also helpful for those with sensitive teeth. Topical fluoride preparations are available both with and without a prescription. Prescription fluoride preparations are stronger and are available as gels, rinses and may even be used in custom fabricated mouth trays for those at greatest risk of decay.
The water in our area is not fluoridated. Fluoride helps to make developing teeth harder and thus more resistant to decay. Fluoride supplementation can be delivered in several ways, all of which complement each other. Topical fluoride is delivered in toothpastes, gels, and rinses as well as more concentrated fluoride treatments administered by dental professionals. Systemic fluoride is administered by prescription only and is generally combined with vitamins, although fluoride alone can also be prescribed.
Some bisphosphonate medications (and these may also be used for other conditions such as Paget’s Disease and many types of cancer therapy, both orally and intravenously ) may rarely cause osteonecrosis of the jaw. This is a rare, but very serious condition that involves severe destruction, of the jawbone. The incidence is yet more rare in those taking oral medication than in those being treated with intravenous medication, but if you do note any unusual dental symptoms such as pain, swelling, or infection of the gums, areas that are not healing, or exposed bone you should see you physician and/or dentist immediately.

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