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Preventing Hepatitis – What Every Patient Should Know

World Hepatitis Day was on July 28, 2014. According to the World Hepatitis Alliance, hepatitis is a viral disease that results in inflammation of the liver. The disease varies in severity, with the most common type being Hepatitis B, which is transmitted via bodily fluids such as blood.

In the medical and dental communities patients are most likely to contract this illness via improper sterilization of dental and medical instruments. It is essential that needles are discarded after each use; new (where applicable) dental and surgical instrument accessories are used after each treatment session; and that dental and medical equipment are disinfected using proper sterilization protocols. The aforementioned greatly reduces the risk of patients contracting both hepatitis and other life threatening illnesses when seeking either dental or medical treatment.

Dr. Irwin, Dianne and Elizabeth would like to remind patients that Brighter Smiles Dental provides a warm and friendly atmosphere that focuses on individualized treatment plans. In addition, our staff is trained in proper disinfection and sterilization protocols that include proper disposal of medical waste and equipment sterilization. We value your health and take every precautionary measure possible to ensure your ongoing safety and comfort. For more information regarding hepatitis, including treatment and prevention please visit:

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have; including helping you find out if your dental insurance policy covers custom athletic mouthguards and bite guards, braces, and other corrective treatments that can help improve your bite and overall oral health.

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